Beef tartare with horseradish and portobelo 12,75€                                                                                                    

Caesar salad / shrimps or chicken 9,5€

Trout tartar, pickled lentils, sour cream 9,25€                                                                                             

Raviolo with pumpkin, egg yolk and black truffle 8,5€

Goat chesee mousse with beetroot and candied tomatoe 9,75€



Soup of the day 6,5€

Main Course

Dumplings with potatoes and crème fraiche, fennel, almonds 10,75€

Fish of the day,black lentil with sepia, ratatouille, coriander 17€

Saddle of deer, black pudding, potato, rowan, chocolate 23€

Beef ribs with beetroot and truffle rösti 19€

Hooves with leek, black truffle and hazelnut 11,5 € 


Carrot cake, bloody orange, white chocolate and poppy seed ice cream 6,5€ 

Pistachio parfait, kirsch, cherry sorbet 6,5€